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I’m  Michelle Tillman, Director of the Haywood High School Career and Technical Division. Haywood High School has a mission, and our curriculum is a part of that mission to educate and enable every student to meet the challenges of society and become productive citizens. You will see that our programs are an added value to the overall education of our students. Our classes also integrate science, math and language into the curriculum to place focus on the importance of a well-rounded education.

It is here that many students become more focused on their future and become better prepared to face the real world. As a matter of fact, our courses offer preparation for more than 140 career paths.

The heritage of many West Tennessee families is that of agriculture, and our agriculture-related programs provide direction and specific skills for those who want to continue in that family tradition or start one of their own.

Agriculture Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems. Students can learn principals of agriculture science, soil and land management, greenhouse management, landscape and turf grass management and leadership. They can learn about wildlife, how to care for animals of all sizes, even about ag equipment, mechanics and maintenance.

An integral part of the agriculture program are Future Farmers of America (FFA) activities, including more than 20 skills competitions in which students can compete.


Family and Consumer Science
The Family and Consumer Sciences program focuses on families, work, and their interrelationships. How to cook and provide nutritious meals, how to sew, how to decorate your home, how to care for children, how to communicate and succeed in the real world – these are the lessons we teach. In the childcare classes, students take responsibility for several days a infant simulator that requires the same care as a real baby. What important lessons they learn! And for those who might want to seek a career in the culinary field – there is a three-year concentration in the culinary arts. Students in these classes experience an abundance of real-life training by preparing meals for different groups and organizations throughout the year.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is an integral part of this instructional program. Students who enroll in any family and consumer science class may join FCCLA and participate in its activities. We’re proud to report that the HHS club provided a state officer for several years, and during 2007-2008 the president – for the first time – a male.


Health Science and Technology
There may be no better career path in today’s workforce than one in a healthcare field. There will always be a need for healthcare workers in many capacities, and the HHS Health Science and Technology program is preparing a number of students for one of those careers.

Students have the opportunity to earn certification in CPR and nursing assistant. Health Sciences is the introductory courses. Anatomy and Physiology and Emergency Medical Services are the next courses to take before the nursing education course is taken the senior year. Nursing Education students work in a long-term care facility much of the second semester.

Students perform internships at the local nursing home, they participate in the Haywood Elementary Career Day, participate in health fairs, visit hospitals and perform community service projects. Annually students paint ceiling tiles to be installed above the beds of the patients at Crestview Nursing Home.

Students enrolled in health science courses are encouraged to become active members of the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

Academy of Business and Finance
Information management is vital to virtually every individual and organization – from the individual who needs to key a report, to the company that needs to manage a customer database or conduct business electronically. Our program is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to operate various information technology equipment and software, while emphasizing concepts such as ethics, leadership, and human relations. Students learn keyboarding, accounting, document creation, web page design, business management, virtual enterprise, banking and finance and desktop publishing in the classes.

Any student enrolled in business technology courses is eligible for membership in Future Business Leaders of America. FBLA provides opportunities for students to develop skills in leadership and citizenship and enhance the acquisition of knowledge and skills covered in the courses. We’re proud to report that the HHS club provided a state officer for several years who served as the FBLA Region 2 President in 2007-2008 and as state webmaster in 2008-2009.


Arts and Communication
Ever dream about being an on-air personality? How about an anchor for a TV show or a reporter on the beat? The media technology classes within the Arts and Communication cluster are designed to allow our students to complete high school with the skills needed to pursue a career in the field of communications. Encompassing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, as well as all necessary technology, our students will be prepared to meet the challenges of the ever-changing media industry. The courses provide in-house production, management, marketing, and on-air experiences related to multiple forms of media, including radio and television.

In addition to preparing for more than 30 careers, lessons in media classes give students excellent communication skills for any career. They learn how best to present themselves through their writing and speaking skills, as well as how to perform interviews and research to assimilate information for a number of uses. Classes also help students learn how important it is to be informed about a variety of issues.

Students enrolled in these courses may join SkillsUSA and participate in its activities.


Trade and Industrial Technology
There are still many career paths that can be traveled through secondary education training and apprenticeship programs. Such is the case of some of the jobs available in the construction industry, while others are prerequisites for advance training in the field. In the trade and industrial cluster, training is designed to enable our students to complete high school with the basic skills needed to pursue a satisfying and economically rewarding career.

Engineering design/CAD (computer-aided design) technology is the basis of today and the future in the construction industry. How about a lucrative career as an electrician? And who doesn’t need direction and lessons in career management success? Students who have a talent or the desire for a career in the construction industry can find success in these classes.

Students enrolled in these courses may join SkillsUSA and participate in its activities. We’re proud to report that the HHS club provided a state officer - Vice-President - during 2008-2009.

Trade and Industrial Technology – Human Services
The popular CSI TV shows have captured the attention of many students who want to pursue careers in the Criminal Justice cluster that provides instruction in the areas of law enforcements, courts, corrections, and private security. Topics related to human services are included in the curriculum. Close coordination with many state agencies and key officials adds substance and depth to the various areas of study. Technical training is offered in areas of fingerprinting, report writing, criminal investigation, crime scene investigation, and theory.

Students in these courses may also be members of SkillsUSA.



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