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Haywood Middle School

Mid-Term Exam Schedule

December 15 - Social Studies Exam

December 16 – Science Exam

December 17 - English/Language Arts Exam

December 18 – Math Exam 


Haywood High School
Mid-Term Exam Schedule 
December 16 - Exams for A2 and A4
December 17 - Exams for B3 and B4
December 18 - Exams for A1 and A3
December 19 - Exams for B1 and B2




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Asbestos Notice


Seventh Grade
Immunization Records


Meningococcal Vaccines
Message to Parents

According to State law TCA 49-6-5005, 
schools are to provide parents 
and guardians with information about
meningococcal disease and the
effectiveness of vaccination against 
meningococcal disease.

Per the attached brochure (CLICK HERE), 
Meningococcal disease is a serious
bacterial illness and is the leading
cause of bacterial meningitis  in children
2 through 18 years old in the United States. 
The good news is that a vaccine is available.